It’s MF Time, Baby!

Ohhhhh, dear lovelies, it’s time. Time to remove yourself from people, situations, and environments that are holding you hostage! Even remove yourself from, well, yourself if you have to! We can’t tell you how many times we look back at our old lives and think, “wow, if I would’ve just pulled up my britches, stuck out my middle finger, and said f*ck that shit, then blah, blah, blah”. Okay, we don’t believe in regrets per say, but, yeah, sometimes we’re like “that f*cking sucked”. However,  we always make a comeback with what we learned and where we are. We may or may not be talking to ourselves as we type this very blog, so everyone (including our own souls) listen up!

Fear and doubt are going to get your nowhere but depressed. To think that you aren’t capable of going for that dream job, leaving that relationship, moving to that city, whatever it may be, is LUDICROUS. See, we all have a badass in us. Whether he/she is tucked down deep inside or not, they’re there. We just have to talk sweet to them, feed them positive energy, and let them blossom… uncoil. Too many times have we seen (talking about ourselves as well) people afraid to take leaps. Too “comfortable” to even budge. It can be something as simple as not wanting to say something for fear of people might think you’re a bitch. Or something bigger, like afraid to leave a dead-end “relationship” just in case being on your own is too scary. Three words: STOP THAT SHIT (actually four)….IMMEDIATELY!

The universe has provided us with tools to survive this world. One of them is intuition. It’s one of the main things in life that we second guess and pretty much the main thing in life that is always trying to save us. We know, our intuition can seem CUH-RAZY sometimes, but, trust us, that shit is real. Your heart and your mind don’t do all of this hard work for nothing. Listen to them, believe them, and trust them to direct you to the right path. Those things that force us to second-guess our own gut, are just holding us back from a life of fulfillment! People, environments, your own fearful thoughts, etc., all of these can alter our intuition. Don’t let them get in your way. Don’t let them tell you how YOU feel.

Ultimately, we are connected to the universe. Universe just wants us to embrace it and trust it. Use the confidence and love given to you from the very start! No more, “I’m not good enough to do this shit and that shit”. F*ck all that noise! You are a rockstar. A motherf*cking badass. Don’t curse the world for the unfortunate shit that happens. Don’t curse the universe for challenging you. Stand up and be the soul survivor you are meant to be. Everything that doesn’t feed your beauty, kick that shit to the curb with no ride home. It’s time. It’s time to break free and fuel yourself, not drain yourself.

With love, strength, positivity, courage, and light,

sign off final tiny

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