NEW New Year ReSOULutions

It’s that time of the year again… “New Year, New Me” bullish*t. Is it just us who find it really sad how many resolutions revolve around a number on the scale? Isn’t life more than fitting into a size 2, 4, hell, even a 6 or an 8 pant? Why not set some resolutions that actually nourish your mind, body, and soul instead of restrict it or break it down?

Maybe for this year’s New Year Resolution, quit worrying and obsessing about your f*cking weight. After all, where your thoughts and energy linger are where your manifestations blossom, so watch your thoughts and be careful of what you are actually wishing for. Are you constantly nitpicking your love handles or the extra 10 pounds you are carrying around? Guess what; you are vibrating “More Muffin Top, please!” to the Universe.

It’s not always easy to just say, ok, from here on out, “I LOVE my body.” Trust us. We have tried. But what we can tell you, is practice does actually make perfect. The more you catch yourself when you are thinking the negative “nit-picky” thoughts, and redirect and replace them with love, the more you begin to shift your energy towards more of what you really want. For example, “f*ck! My hips never lie, always spilling over all my jeans;” could be replaced with, “Damn Mama, my curves are dope af because without these hips, I wouldn’t have carried and birthed my beautiful baby girl!” Talk to your body as if you are complimenting your best friend. After all, your body does work hard af for you, even when you sleep, so be gentle, kind, and show it some love. Try your best to catch yourself and redirect your thoughts, and see the magic that happens! Love yourself dammit! You are f*cking WORTHY!  

Take it from us, we have been to both extremes, we have been binge eaters, eating entire cheesecakes in one sitting, and on the other hand, we have done crazy restrictive diets and supplements, even competed in Bikini Bodybuilding. We have been fluffy af, curvy af, muscular af, pregnant af, and lean af, our bodies have fluctuated all over the place, and from it all, we have gathered our very best advice to you! And that advice is to make “BALANCE” and “FEELING GOOD” your goals to strive for, not striving for a certain number on a scale.

Start focusing on doing things that make you feel good. Does eating a few carrots and drinking a gallon of water genuinely make you feel good? Great! Do more of that. Is pizza, marbled cookie brownies, and a bottle of Chardonnay on a Saturday night your jam? Sweet! We feel you, girl, do that shit! Why? Because when you FEEL good, genuinely (in the moment and after), that means you are doing stuff that are in alignment with your SOUL. The things you do with your life may not coincide with abs-of-steel-addicted-to-bikini-pics-skinny-tea-diet Stacey, but that’s because that’s HER life, and this is YOURS. So own it. Do more of what feels good to you, forget what others may say or think, and you will vibrate higher. Live for you, boo. Live through love, and watch your deepest desires manifest into your reality.

So with all of that said, for your 2018 New Year Resolutions, maybe take some notes from us here at Uncoiled: feed your soul every damn day. Love up on yourself, every single fiber, even more than usual. Find gratitude every chance you get. Find the light in any dark, and if you can’t find it, BE the light. Let the rest flow, and fall into place, because darling, we promise, it will. It’s the Law of Attraction, baby. Trust the Universe, it’s got your back.

Wishing you free flowing abundance, all the love your heart can handle, and a Happy F*cking New Year!

With the most radiant love and the brightest light,

sign off final tiny

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