B*tch, CAN’T Kill My Vibe

Our energy is so powerful, yet so vulnerable at the same time. It can hold so much strength, yet if we aren’t careful, it can turn into a mean ass downward spiral. Like, when you wake up on top of the world, ready to carpe diem the f*ck out of the day, then your co-worker dumps their shitty, negative attitude all over you. SURPRISE! Then,all of the sudden, it’s only been an hour into your work day and you find yourself in this deep hole of negativity that you can’t get out of. It happens that quick and that easy. (sucks, we know)

Everyone in this world is different. They’ve been through different struggles, come from different backgrounds, have certain likes/dislikes, etc. Not everyone is going to be on the same wave as you at the exact same moment, so getting your energy knocked around is inevitable. The key is to not let it sit and make itself at home. Negative vibes like to  bust through the door and cause us  to wreck our clean houses. We just have to grab the baseball bat and beat that shit down to an oblivion; no matter how many times we may have to do it.

Like, our bodies, our energy needs exercise and nourishment too. We remember when we first started getting into the whole energy vibe. We would do our daily affirmations, say our prayers, smile in the shower, and do all the “right” things. Then, after just a couple days, something inconvenient would happen or we’d just slip into a shitty mood (we all know the feeling), and we’d throw our hands up thinking “f*ck this, it doesn’t even work!” That’s literally the same as going to the gym for two days and expecting a 6-pack on day 3. Crazy, right? Our energy is the same. Getting to a positive state of mind takes some serious practice and work. Once we release the negativity and kick it out of the house, next time it visits, it  becomes a lot easier to deal.

You are a sacred being (yes, you beautiful little creature, you)! You need to treat every ounce of it with as much love as you possibly can. When it comes to “body, mind, and soul”, we seem to leave the soul hanging a bit. Here are a few ways we got started on your journey that will help nurture your energy:

  • Every day, find at least 10 things to be grateful for and why. Maybe even jot them down in your journal! It can be anything from your family to coffee (coffee made it on our lists quite a bit). This will help you, no matter the atmosphere of the day, find a glimpse of positive vibes.
  • Distance yourself from people/things that bring you down. A toxic friend/partner, a sad ass TV show, and (now, this is a HUGE one) social media! Delete the apps for at least a day. You will live, we promise.
  • Stop beating up on yourself. Find beauty in yourself without the makeup. Find beauty in your life without the ferrari that just drove past you. Every bit of your life serves a purpose.
  • Change your verbiage. Try to use as little negative-talk as possible. Even a simple saying such as “this is hard”, you can switch it up to say “this is challenging”. Our brains process hard as impossible/unreachable. We process “challenging” as something we can overcome.
  • This may be the most important one of all that helped us really grow. Daily affirmations. Literally, sit and have a talk with yourself. I am strong. I am brave. I am financially stable. I am loved. I am….POSITIVE. They can be anything you want them to be and whatever speaks to your heart. Say them in the morning, throughout the day, and at night. They are yours, so cherish them and hold them tight. You are these things!

Sending you much love, light, and positive energy,

sign off final tiny

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