Shift (And Sh*t) Happens

Shifts and sh*t… Two things that happen in life that aren’t always the easiest to swallow (yes, laugh if you must). But no, seriously, they are some big ass pills that you can feel going allllllll the way down. See, the universe has a plan, a direction, a certain energy that it wants you to follow, and it will shift your life around to help you get there. Sometimes blow it up, slap it around, and body slam it if necessary, but ultimately the goal is growth. Shifts can be the most liberating things that happen to us, but they can also hurt like hell. Either way, the end result is always beautiful.

In a world where society pretty much maps out how we’re supposed to grow up, look, eat, sleep, pick our noses, wipe our asses…you get the point, we all think we are SUPPOSED to map out our lives according to plan. What society doesn’t tell you is that they aren’t really in control *gasp* and, honestly, you aren’t either *double gasp*. How we react and bounce back is the only thing we CAN control. ~NEWS FLASH~ Life is f*cking tough and it doesn’t care about your goal list with “dates to be achieved” next to them. It will look you straight in the eyes and spit all over those goals testing every inch of your being.

Your job lays you off. People turn their back on you. Another bill is overdue. Loved ones die. Curve balls coming from left, right, up, down, right to the gut, and maybe even to the face. Throw yourself to the floor. Cry. Lay there for a minute, or a week, or a month. Then…GET THE F*CK UP! We are made for this. The Universe has our hand and isn’t letting go.

With shift and sh*t must come flow and faith.

We all go through things, and that’s all we can do is…go through it. Flow with the curves in life. Have faith while going through the rapids of it all. We grow from it whether it takes a week or a year (or a few years), and it gradually all starts to make sense. Through darkness, light is born, so remember to hold your head high. Whatever you may be experiencing is only helping you to become stronger, and helping you grow into your Higher Self so that when you do “obtain your goal(s)”, or come into a brighter phase in your life, you can truly hold gratitude for the gifts/blessings you receive and have the character to really enjoy the ride for what it’s worth.

With tons of love, and the brightest light at the end of the tunnel,

sign off final tiny

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