Say It With Your Chest… Set Yourself Free

“Why is it that when you are in a bad mood, you have a way of dragging everyone else down with you? Why do I walk around on eggshells constantly questioning, what I did wrong? Why do I even put so much energy into your bad attitude? Why do I allow it to affect me so severely? Why do I give you that much power? I muster up the strength to finally ask, ‘what’s wrong with you? Why are you acting like this?’ And all I get is ‘nothing, nothing is wrong.’ WHAT THE FUCK?! Clearly something is wrong. Now my mind wanders to think up the worst case scenario, all of the possible worst case scenarios. Have you cheated? Are you no longer interested in me? Can we not pay the bills? Worst. Case. Scenarios.” –Hi, yeah, you have just rode the psychotic roller coaster from a real moment in our brains.

Communication. That’s all it takes. The cure. The end to this downward mental spiral. If we don’t know what’s wrong with you, but you are radiating this negative energy and carrying it with you everywhere you go. Huffing and puffing throughout the house, conversation literally like pulling teeth. I promise you, there is someone else, just like us, out there riding the exact same roller coaster of thoughts, or worse. People WILL make up a story behind your attitude. If there is nothing apparent that would have sent you into your bad mood (temper tantrum… or however you want to label it), most people may even assume to be the culprits. Let’s end this vicious cycle and complete waste of energy.

If you have an issue that’s eating away at your soul, disturbing your peace, verbalize it. SAY IT WITH YOUR MOTHER FUCKING CHEST. In other words, say what you mean, mean what you say, and say it with your heart. I’m definitely not saying tear the next person down, but there is always a way to communicate something, if it means that much to you, in a way that is not harmful to another being. And if you have made the decision to say it out loud, let that shit go after that.

Also, stop being scared to say how you feel, that story is played out! If you truly have something to say, and you say it in a respectful way, it is now on them if they perceive it constructively and/or take it to heart or personally. That’s on them, not on you. Once you RESPECTFULLY say your peace, let it go. Release it. Quit letting it drain you. Quit letting it disturb you. MOVE ON, homie.

Stop letting others make up your stories for you, try to let them in a little bit. If the issue is personal to you, write it in your journal. Communicate with the beings around you, or most importantly, communicate with yourself. Quit carrying this extra weight around with you. From the words of the Goddess, Badu, “Bag lady you gone hurt your back…Dragging all them bags like that…”

Let it out, let it go, unpack your bags, so that you can be set free.

With ALL of the love and light,

sign off final tiny

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