Let Them Eat Cake, B*tch!

Okay, confession. We. Love. To. Eat!!!! Like, seriously, some of our best moments are centered around food and we have NO shame in our game. But there was a time where we would literally cry after seeing one-half of an abdominal muscle fading away ever so slightly. Our bodies were solid, but our mentalities were so fragile. We smiled as we flexed our biceps, we flaunted our tasteless meals, and displayed to the world that we were just the happiest little clams. It was the perfect example of don’t judge a book by it’s cover, or instagram page. There were plenty of tears, relationship problems, body image issues, and feelings of being lost behind the scenes.

The point is, just because you lose the 15 extra pounds, or you finally obtain your “perfect” body, land the next job position, move to the next place, etc, doesn’t mean you will finally be “happy.” Do you really want to put your happiness on hold until you obtain the next thing, goal, milestone, etc? You could die at any moment, do you want your last moments to be spent waiting to be happy?

One of the best pieces of advice we can give you, is to find gratitude in every single moment. Whether you are exactly where you want to be or a million miles away from it, find your happiness now through gratitude. Remember, it can always be worse… “Kim… people are literally dying.” (Yes, Kardashian reference, judge away.) Be thankful for something in any given moment, because you are never promised the next. And for f*cks sake… eat the cake.

With love, light, and plenty of cake,

sign off final tiny

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