OPM – Thankful, Grateful, but Dammit… That Hurt!!

We figured that we would just go ahead and dive right into this one, haha. Let’s just make this clear, Official Pretty Monsters was dope as hell and we loved it! However, we will say that many, many, MANY lessons were learned from the whole process. First off, for those of you who didn’t follow our #PrettyMonsterArmy, it was our women empowerment and fitness business. This was all in the “mindless meatheads” era of our lives when we thought washboard abs and perky buns would make us big-time famous lol.

Now, don’t get us wrong, it wasn’t ALL about the muscles (well, yeah we were pretty vain, but anywho), we did gain some amazing relationships with so many phenomenal human beings! Our OPM family was huge and we loved inspiring people to be healthy and to be confident with their bodies. We certainly had a strong following and made a pretty nice penny selling meal plans, online workout challenges, and having one-on-one personal training sessions. Yes, we believe you could say that Official Pretty Monsters was a success!

We loved OPM, we loved our family, we loved working out, until things just started to simply…shift. Our clientele started fluctuating, we weren’t as dedicated to making up challenges as we used to be, and we, ourselves, weren’t even following our own advice that we were preaching to our people. BIG no, no. We let the not-so-great moments get to us pretty badly. Usually one of us would have a breakdown and the other would be the positive lift, but there was a time where our emotional roller coasters started riding side-by-side. Plain and simple, being an entrepreneur, especially when your business is your primary means of cash flow, is stressful as f*ck! We started to lose ourselves in just simply trying to survive. The morals and reasons of why we started in the first place had kind of taken a back seat.

Then, the universe threw a mean ass curve ball and *que drum roll* BABIES! Talk about slowing down. So, we guess you could say OPM simply trickled away. Less posts, less challenges, less clients, less…us. Even though it took quite some time to accept, we are completely thankful and grateful for every single experience our first business has brought us. We probably wouldn’t have “Uncoiled” if it wasn’t for it all!

Although we weren’t “master business owners,” here’s what we learned, in a nutshell, from running our beloved business, Official Pretty Monsters, LLC:

  1. You will WORK. Most people see the “end” result of successful businesses and think it’s a piece of cake to make 6-figures. Yeah, um, hell to the NO! We would literally wake up at 4am and go to bed at 2am, working every minute of each day.
  2. Sacrifices! As said above, time will be spent, money gets tight, and even relationships are tested. Know what it takes, and ask yourself if you are really willing to make some cuts.
  3. Stay true. Always remember why you started and who you are doing it for. Stick to your morals.
  4. Don’t take things personal. Sometimes clients stop responding. Sometimes people critique your business. Sometimes people simply just don’t support! Move forward, take it with a grain a salt, and just push harder.
  5. Keep it fun. Yes it is work, yes it gets tough, but if it’s your passion, you should still have a love for it. Don’t lose yourself to the point you are worn so thin you lose the vision.

With love & light,

sign off final tiny

6 Replies to “OPM – Thankful, Grateful, but Dammit… That Hurt!!”

  1. Very inspiring. It’s good to look back and evaluate yourself and then move forward. Even though I don’t or never owned a business, those words still apply to every day living. We all have ups and downs, it’s just a matter of not staying down. Looking forward to what lies ahead for you guys and myself.

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