Mindless Meatheads to Mindful Mommies

And when we say meatheads we mean heavy lifting, pre-workout-addicted, shit talking fitness competitors! We were definitely on some “lift or die” madness, but we loved every minute of it.  Even through the break downs because we couldn’t eat a piece of pizza and the 1AM workouts just to turn around to do another at 6AM; we were determined as fuck to stick it out. And honestly, we would have probably crawled into dark holes and become depressed little hermits if we didn’t have each other through it all. Six months through mental and physical hell brought about this beautiful sisterhood we have now.

We evolved TOGETHER. Pretty much went through 4 stages of life in half of a year. It was almost like the Universe put us through a crash course of creating a bond and there was a test EVERY. FUCKING. DAY. Obviously, we passed with flying colors. It was through emotional roller coasters, heartbreaks, long nights of laughter, and lots of coffee that knitted our two souls together! Cute, we know.

After all the hustle and bustle of the fit life, we had another insane journey to embark on with each other: MOM LIFE. The universe knew what it had in store for us, laughed, and immediately said “oh, shit, they ain’t gonna make it alone,” (hence the crash course of mental breakdowns). Now our baby girls are best friends, we can gloat about the joys, and vent (cry)  about the struggles over glasses of wine. Who are we kidding? BOTTLES of wine.

Our lives are totally not put together, well maybe for like milliseconds we feel like they are, but then reality smacks the shit out of us…right in the face! But damn, those milliseconds are sweet, and enough to keep us going in this crazy world. And what’s even better, is we have each other to get through the not so sweet parts! As unusual and random as our bond came to be, and actually still is, we are grateful that we can take life head on together, as soul-sisters!

With love & light…

sign off final tiny

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